Client Feedback

“I Learnt How To Trust Again”

``The house wasn’t what I expected, it felt homely``

“Refuge felt safe”

“My children have made friends”

Get Help

You can contact us at any of our sites 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday with out of hours support available through the
Live Fear Free helpline
0808 8010 800

If you are at immediate risk, please ring 999.

``While in refuge I made friends, since still keep in contact and meet up regularly``

``Staff helped me to feel independent again, and make my own decisions about my life``

``I have stopped having nightmares about the abuse and started to heal``

``I shared a house with other families who had experienced domestic abuse – I felt like it wasn’t just me and I didn’t feel so lonely anymore``

``At first, I was very nervous and frightened, as soon as I arrived, I felt at ease the staff were so friendly and welcoming life``

``There is always someone to talk to, I don’t feel so alone anymore``

“I started to do things I enjoyed again”

“I have learnt how to laugh again”

“Coming into refuge gave me my life back”

``My worker was so kind and always happy to help with anything``

``My child now understands that it is ok to be unhappy, angry, upset and deals with these feelings appropriately``

``I can’t thank DASU enough for their help, not only for myself and my daughter, but for us as a family``

``I felt so comfortable and I was able to tell my worker things I haven’t told anyone before. It was Like I was talking to a close friend``

“I Learnt How To Trust Again”

“I am now strong. Independent and I have a clear goal in sight. I intend to go to Uni and have a happy life``

``I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I cannot thank DASU enough``

“I wish someone had offered me your support years ago”

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