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The World Cup 2022

Domestic abuse is unacceptable at anytime, however, during large sporting events like the World Cup, organisations like the Domestic Abuse Safety Unit (DASU) see an increase in referrals. Based in North Wales, DASU gets a new referral every 15 minutes from someone who needs help because of the abuse they have suffered at the hands of a partner or family member and this is before any large events like the World Cup

Research shows us that incidents of domestic abuse can increase by 38% when a team loses and by 26% even if they win. The abuse tends to be highest about 10 hours after kick off.  Much of this is often associated with heightened emotions and tensions and factors like increased alcohol consumption, drug taking and gambling.

DASU’s Chief Executive, Gaynor McKeown says ‘regardless of what team is playing and what sport tournament is on, or how much alcohol is consumed, perpetrators of domestic abuse are the only ones responsible for the suffering they inflict on their partners and family members. There is no excuse’

For many people who are already in abusive relationships, tournaments like the World Cup create intensive times of anxiety and fear of what their partner will do

Gaynor adds ‘whilst the police may see an increase in calls because of the football, this is likely because the abuse has escalated. It may mean the individual was experiencing abuse before the tournament and it won’t stop just because the football has finished’

If you or anyone you know is experiencing abuse from  a partner or family member you call DASU on 0333 3600483 or email . If you are in immediate danger, call 999 and you can also call the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 8010 800 24 hours a day.

Domestic Abuse Safety Unit  |  Uned Diolgelwch Trais Teuluol

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