Domestic Abuse Safety Unit  |  Uned Diolgelwch Trais Teuluol

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DASU Confidentiality and Data Sharing Statement

DASU’s services are confidential, and we are committed to receiving, processing and managing your data safely and securely We will not pass on your personal details or any other information that could identify you without your permission, unless we believe there’s a risk of significant harm to you or another, or it’s a legal requirement, we will always where possible inform you of the need to share your information prior to doing so, unless to do so would increase the risk to you or another.

Some of the reasons when we may have to disclose information, both with and without your permission.

  • We can share information with other people/agencies if we have your informed consent to do so.
  • If you give us reason to believe that you or someone else is at risk of significant harm, we may need to inform another agency such as police or social services. Unless that risk is imminent, we will inform you that we wish to share the information before disclosing anything.
  • If we suspect that a child or young person is at risk of harm, we must inform children’s services. This is a legal requirement.
  • If a judge or magistrate directs that information must be disclosed to the court, we will comply with the direction. However, where possible we will inform you of this first.

How we manage your data is monitored by the Information Commissioners office. If you require further information about the General data Protection Regulations, or wish to make a complaint click

Our ICO certificate can be viewed here :Registration Certificate

0808 80 10 800

Domestic Abuse Safety Unit  |  Uned Diolgelwch Trais Teuluol

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