Independent Domestic Violence Advisors

  • DASU have a team of 9 IDVAS working across Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire, and Conwy. All our IDVAS hold a nationally recognised qualification.
  • The IDVAS provide specialist support for females and males aged 16 and over who have been assessed as high risk of serious harm or homicide.
  • The IDVAS receive most of their referrals from the police but do receive self-referrals and agency referrals.
  • The IDVA Service is independent of any agency: The primary role of the IDVA is to ensure the safety of the victim and minimise risk of harm.
  • The IDVA’s work in partnership with other agencies to reduce the risks clients face, enhance their safety, and rebuild positive lives.

What can you expect from your IDVA?

The IDVA will work with you to reduce the risk to you and your children.

The IDVA will act as your adviser, ensuring that your voice is always heard

The IDVA will Offer you emotional support through this difficult period.

The IDVA will Support and empower you to regain control and rebuild your lives.

DASU Testimonial

The key aims of the IDVA Service are:

  • To increase the safety of identified high risk victims and their child(ren).
  • To work from a point of crisis to address and reduce risk, offering short to medium term support
  • To improve the health and well-being of identified high risk victims and their child(ren)
  • To ensure that the views of identified high risk victims and victims of serious sexual abuse are represented at the MARAC (Multi agency risk assessment conference) A victim focused information sharing and risk management meeting attended by key agencies where high risk cases are discussed.
  • To provide appropriate information, advice, and support to identified high risk victims in relation to civil and criminal justice system.
  • To work with identified high risk victim of domestic abuse to enable them to access the services they need (e.g. health, housing etc.) in the aftermath of the abuse
  • To reduce repeat victimisation
  • To reduce violent crime