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Each DASU Office aims to be a “One Stop Shop” for victims, survivors and anyone impacted by domestic abuse. We are a service for anyone struggling with the impact of domestic abuse – women, men, gender non-binary and LGBTQ+, including services for Children and Young People impacted by Domestic abuse. Our Crisis Intervention services are typically the first point of contact for anyone needing support or advice around domestic abuse. Our staff will listen to you and ask questions to piece together a picture of your situation. We may be able to offer information, advice, or a referral on the spot. We may also take you through a series of questions to assess your risk of ongoing harm and to gain further information and help us put a package of support together for you.

You can contact any one of our offices for a confidential discussion or to ask for advice, information, and help – for yourself or someone you know. If you are an agency or charity, you can make a referral to DASU for your client.


At all times, we will work with you to increase safety. We aim to inform and empower you to make your own decisions, to identify strengths and resources and to take action to address abuse as they see fit.
It doesn’t matter if the abuse is happening now or if it happened a few months or even years ago – we are here to listen and to help. Even if you’re not quite sure that what you’re experiencing is domestic abuse, get in touch for a confidential and non-judgemental discussion.

DASU works in partnership with local police, social services, Citizens Advice, local authorities, housing services, solicitors, and other agencies and charities who can help and assist you if you are experiencing domestic abuse. We can provide information and direct you to services who are aware and understanding of the needs of domestic abuse victims and survivors and support you to make decisions that are right for you and your situation. We can also refer you into DASU’s other services for longer term support or for people at high risk of violence and danger

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