Support For Black And Minority Ethnics

All of our staff have received specialist harmful practices training to enable them to support victims, staff and other professionals to ensure that they provide a culturally appropriate service that promotes an all-encompassing, robust risk and needs assessments and offers a holistic package of support to ensure that all BAME victims are safeguarded.

Alongside Domestic Abuse, these are some other harmful practices impacting BAME communities:

So called “honour” based abuse,

Forced Marriage

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Looking For Support?

You can contact us at any of our sites 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday with out of hours support available through the
Live Fear Free helpline
0808 8010 800

If you are at immediate risk, please ring 999.

What is honour based violence and forced marriage?

Honour-based abuse is defined as ‘an incident or crime involving violence, threats of violence, intimidation coercion or abuse (including psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse) which has or may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of an individual, family and/ or community for alleged or perceived breaches of the family and/or community’s code of behaviour’.

Forced marriage is when you are being forced to marry someone you don’t want to. You may feel like you have no control or choice in the matter. This is not the same as an arranged marriage where someone has the CHOICE whether to marry that person without any fear of consequences from their family or extended family.

It can be difficult and confusing if you love your parents/family yet feel unsure about why you are being forced into marrying. You might be told you are bringing shame on your family if you don’t marry. Your parents might even say that they will disown you. This is emotional abuse and you do not have to accept this.

If it is an emergency call 999 to speak to the police. You can also report any concerns to Police on 101 if it is not an emergency.

If you need help because you are being forced into a marriage, the Forced Marriage Unit Helpline is available on 020 7008 0151 (9-5pm) or if you need to speak to someone outside of those hours call 020 7008 1500 and ask for the Global Response Centre.