Supporting Male Victims

Men’s Den

Men’s den is a social interactive group that was formed by our male clients who have experienced domestic abuse.
Before Men’s Den started, male clients would say that they lacked social interaction, had low self-esteem and confidence, and that they wanted to get to know the real “Me”. In addition to this, they wanted a group where they can learn new skills and be able to feel confident enough to integrate within their communities.

Thanks to The Community Fund, DASU Men’s Den gained funding to start up and help the male victims/survivors of domestic abuse.

The priority areas of the funding are to ensure we bring people together and to be able to build strong community relationships.

Men’s Den has helped our clients with:

Managing finances, including benefits and debt advice

Preparing a CV

Health & Wellbeing advice

Confidence building, parenting and nutrition classes

Basic DIY/motor maintenance

IT skills

Some of the things we have done: Go Karting Christmas Meals Mental Health Sessions Bowling Lane Image Cinema Museum Trips Segway Session Bowling

There are plans to do so much more over the next few months, so please speak to one of the DASU team for more details.

What we are hoping to achieve is:

  • Improve confidence
  • Reduce isolation
  • Feeling part of the community
  • Improve learning skills

After every activity we get the males to complete feedback forms and we also hold quarterly meetings to decide future events.

User Feedback

``When I came into refuge I truly believed my life was over I had enough, I was on the edge with the abuse I suffered from actually wanting the ground to swallow me due to the embarrassment, shame I felt that this happened to me and I felt lost, Once my eyes were open and you can see this happens to more than yourself I could start to recover, I still have a million and one problems but my safety and my mental health has been sort of stabled with the help of D.A.S.U. And men’s den taking me way out of my comfort zone with meeting other men in the community that had been in similar situations and doing different fun activities that made me feel at home within a group and within a community, My doctor is very impressed with my improvement and speaks very highly of D.A.S.U. because of my improvement and support I have received``

“Men’s Den has helped my confidence and self-esteem, I found out who I really am, what I like to do and just to be able to make my own choices, I feel Free”!

“I am not scared to socialise with others, I can speak to who I want to speak too and not look over my shoulder all the time”